museum of death

i have been interested in something gross since i was like 5. when i was small, i used to collect goblin toys that were made out of rubber. my mom still has a picture of me sticking those monsters all over my face and smiling. now i am 26, and i guess people like me end up going to a place like this. 

this place must be a holy place for the crime fans. the museum is not that big, but there are many many stuff in every possible spaces. full of death, everywhere you look.

the ticket is $15 for adults. it is little pricy, but its ok, after you get a ticket, you are about to see some serious shits!

1. the room one is a serial killer room. HENRY LEE LUCAS and GACY's paitings, and also RICHARD RAMIREZ' drawings are on the wall. i dont really know about SON OF SAM. but his letter to "dee" was displayed on the wall also. i think being in this room is much better than going to art walk in downtown la.

2. next room is all about "HANGING". you can learn a history of hanging in this space. there are tons of pictures of hanging, or decapitations from WWII or something on the wall.

3. the third room is an operation room. you can learn the stitching from the video! many scientific instruments!

4. pass the hall, then there is a very well done display of HEAVEN"S GATE. i never knew about this cult group till i saw this room. there is a group leader's speach video playing on tv. also there is a twin bed display. the mannequins has a bag on their heads and looks very realistic.

5. keep walking and at the end of the hall it is a MANSON room. more art, more video. he is just way too famous and there are lots of funny goods of him displayed in the glass case.

6. right next to the manson room, it is BLACK DAHLIA. the portraits of her beautiful face are on the left, and the sad smile after she got killed is on the right. there is a bottom part of a mannequin on the floor. i understand the museum's point, but it looked little trashy :(:(:(

7. the hall way keeps going and you can see more crazy people in the glass case. there are DR KEVORKIAN, JIM JONES, and the musician GG ALLIN. i thought he was a punk rocker, no??

8. on the corner, 3 men are displayed at same spot together: ALBERT FISH, ED GEIN, and DAHMER. it made me curious, then i realized that it is a CANNIVAL room. on the portrait of albert fish that somebody painted, his spanking needle board and his x-ray picture of his testicle were nicely glued on.

9. it is getting near the end. this room is full of STUFFED ANIMALS. the owner even cares about the death of animals. i thought that he really has to complete whatever he does.

10. the last room is a video room. a screen and chairs. you can enjoy hours long footage of historical riots, affairs, and murder films. all REAL.

that is the end of the museum. you can come back to the entrance and have a little chat with the owner. it is not allowed to take a picture in the entire museum, but the owner gives the visiters a little surprise when you come out alive.

his twin head turtle! he has them for 14 years! i touched a real turtle here. i paid attention on their mouths and touched the shell to make sure if it is very hard. me and wolfy thought that the ower looks alot like ed gein too.

he said that there are many people pass out in the museum. also there are people who vomit and get incontient. actually there was a lady who came to check on me couple of times to see if i was ok while i was walking around. she asked me if i needed some water or anything nicely, but i was feeling ok. the stuff i explained is not the only thing you see here. there are many many many random pictures of f-ed up dead bodies everywhere on the wall! no blank space at all. this place is filled up with no life.

i have to go back again! because i didnt have time to finish the long video in the last room. i like museum cause i can learn. i love learning. im happy that i have a body and mind that can deal with some bad stuff like this so i can know more. life is learning! life is long! it never stops! salute! for our health!


new piece :)

my mission is to try something new and more kitsch! no no no, this is just a start point. im just playing around. mr john boy is a handsome man. he owns his harley davidson, and he works at calico ghost town train station :):):) very nice guy. he came on to my list of ideal men. thank him for being a model. i will be using him alot in my art from now on. with chicken.


a new peace!

drawing drawing drawing.

i cant paint. i actually can, but i enjoy drawing more than painting.
drawing is instant. and it looks good too.
i wish i could paint! i have alot of respect for people who can paint!

this time i really like the contrast of the pencil colors, and yellow and blue.


john waters filthy world goes hollywood FEB 28th

"the prince of puke", john waters is coming to UCLA for an awesome lecture! i havent even read his auto-biography much since i saw him in NY for his lecture at one of the universitys. by the way... 

i have not seen "MONDO TRASHO" yet. its really hard to get. maybe amoeba music have it. well, they kinda have to. the last movie of john waters i saw was "DIRTY SHAME". it was a good one. i always knew that john waters would love jackass guys, and yeah, he actually adores them! let me find a copy of this crazy movie before i see him in westwood...