coming up show!

the art show with eric almanza, tv5d, and yuki toy the chicken! on december 8th at toranoko los angeles:)

ill be groovy!

special thanks for: tommy, michael cardenas, eugene and jeff! and everyone from team tora!


dont judge a book by its cover.

since i started investigating avant-garde and kitsch, i have been obsessed with those 2 ideas.

especially, i learned about kitsch so much. i organized it, and the image of my ultimate kitsch ended up being like this!


i have a pin-up girl as an advertisement,

i have kfc as mass production and consumption, 

i used a technique of digital photo as homogeneous repetition,

i went to a photo studio so they can produce the art work for me,

and i have a cartoon chicken(fuckable) as a commercial mascot!

plus, you know the best thing about this work??
i went to a photo studio inside of a local MALL!

kitsch as is.


kitsch in texas chain saw.

i am alone eating bacon and watching "texas chain saw massacre" tonight. 

what a wonderful night.

actually i am just researching about this movie because i am writing my paper about avant-garde and kitsch.

this movie is a great example of kitsch! its a little complicated story, but i will post my lovely writing here soon...

the original scream queen, marilyn burns. oh! she is in "helter skelter" also. i just found out.

i think that the funniest scene of this movie is when the father hits her with a dirty broom stick all crazy like.

wait, this pic is from part II...

the other funny scene is when the leather face dances with a chainsaw in the sun at the end.

   ↑↑↑ "hallelujah!<3" ↑↑↑     

young kids in texas = mass production = massacre = mass consumption = kitsch

mmm... long way to go!


chicken baby!

i have a new piece<3

i have been working on a series of guys with chicken. you can see a chicken throwing the eggs to the guy in his sunglasses. chicken has a magical power so he can give him cute baby chickens. in his hair!

guys with long hair and beard are awesome cause i can play with them just like this. i love useing 8B pencil. they are so thick and create great fine lines.

i accidentaly used don felder from the eagles as a model. it really doesnt matter who he is in my drawing, but i always try to use people who looks amazing in the aviator glasses. if you look good in those type of glasses, you automatically be a friend of my chicken.