Solo Exhibition: A Dissection of the Pop Culture at Gallery 30 South

Yuki Toy's latest series is a literal Pop Culture Dissection of appropriated images from the recent zeitgeist, that juxtaposes their initial presentation with a medically accurate depiction of what lies just beneath the skin–each showcased in triptych form.

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Artistic Facial Expression Analysis: Common Expression In A Public Suicide

———- Warning: Graphic Contents ———-
When I watched a video of Bosnian Croat military commander, Slobodan Praljak (left) drank a bottle of poison and committed a public suicide inside of the courtroom on November 29 2017, the first thing that came in my mind was another public suicide committed in 1987 by the Pennsylvania State Treasurer, Budd Dwyer (right). Their facial expressions are almost identical.
These are the drawings of their facial expressions, almost a half a second before they made their action. We really don’t see this type of intensity in people’s face regularly.

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A new article on Fake vs. Real Sadness facial expression

Here is the entire article about the Fake vs. Real Sadness.

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some of my new drawings

Shortcut 18 x 24 Pencil and Oil on Paper

Beeline 18 x 24 Pencil and Oil on Paper